Year 4, Day 55

Yesterday, Miles arrived home from daycare and said, with a sly grin, “Look what I got!”

He then pulled these out of his pocket.

Miles had brought these blocks home from daycare. Now, intention is everything, so I asked him, “Did you put those in your pocket on purpose or was it an accident?”

“On purpose,” Miles said immediately, at the very least proving that he is not a very good criminal.

Of course we told him he would have to return them and apologize to his teacher today, the latter of which he was obviously nervous about. We clarified that he needed to apologize, but added that we were willing to bet that his teacher wouldn’t be too upset about it, especially if he was honest. And while it definitely took a bit of prodding to finally verbally admit what he’d done and apologize to his teacher after we arrived at daycare, he did find that all was quickly forgiven.

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