Year 3, Day 340

For her birthday today, Jaclyn spent most of the day out with her sister, giving Miles and I some much needed “guy time.” And, yes, okay, also a chance to buy Jaclyn’s birthday presents. While we avoided too much gallivanting around given the state of public health, I did make sure Miles got to visit both the Disney Store and the Lego Store while we were out. We even made it out of both stores without buying anything (NOTE: Miles DID, however, point out no less than 15 items he wants for his upcoming birthday).

As we headed home, I asked Miles what his favorite part of the day had been. He didn’t think long before saying, “Getting juice from the grocery store.” Yes, in a day that included immersing himself in Disney merchandise, apple juice remains the highlight.

Of course, by the time we got home, I think that “presenting Mommy with her birthday presents” had taken the top spot.

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