Year 3, Day 336

Being a parent is regularly overwhelming, and there is absolutely no question that I need frequent breaks from my family (if only to cower in a corner and rock back and forth in silence for a few minutes). But this morning as I was dropping Miles off at daycare, he clung to my leg and tried to “hide” behind me like he does every morning. Whether it’s because he’s trying to spend as much time with me as possible or simply prank the teacher that comes to the door to look for him, I’m not sure, but they always ultimately coax him inside with the promise of breakfast. Miles immediately releases his death-grip on my leg, darts to the door threshold, and waits patiently for his teacher to check his temperature. After he got the “all clear” this morning, Miles skipped inside, doing a little jig at the prospect of food.

And as I tell him to have a good day and that I love him (and he echoes the same sentiments to me), I think that, despite the exhaustion and noise and complete lack of internal peace I feel every day…

…man, I wish I could just bear witness to every little minute of his life.

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