Year 3, Day 307: A COVID Kinda Christmas

We didn’t have much travel planned this holiday season, but we were at least anticipating joining Jaclyn’s sister and her husband for Christmas Eve dinner. But even these modest plans came crashing down early last week when we learned that one of Miles’s classmates had tested positive for COVID-19.

It’s how we found ourselves in line at a testing site early Wednesday morning, then crammed once again into the house together over the weekend. And despite the tests requiring a 72-hour turnaround, with Christmas and the weekend upon us I didn’t expect to know anything too quickly. Fortunately we all still felt relatively well, and COVID or no, we did our best to enjoy the holiday.

Still, thoughts about the possibility of finally catching the illness were impossible to escape. Of course, with Miles in daycare and me back in the office (and hosting trivia one night a week), we were running. higher risk of exposure. All we’ve been able to do in the face of it all is continue exercising as much caution as possible. Would it be enough? Only time would tell.

This morning we all awoke to a text message containing our test results. Three negatives! And while this is great news, we still have to contend with Miles’s daycare closure and my own company’s required quarantine period, sending us right back to the home-bound chaos of April.

I’d call that a wash!

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