Year 3, Day 286

We were exiting onto 277 this morning as Miles decided we needed to spice up the morning drive.

“Look!” he shouted from the backseat. “It’s a dragon!”

I don’t know what his deal with dragons is lately (we were only able to coax him into leaving the house yesterday by telling him that we were going to find and slay a dragon), but this kid can’t get enough of them. Playing along, I shouted, “Oh no! A dragon?! AHHHH!”

“No, Daddy!” Miles said. “That’s a friendly dragon, not a scary dragon!”

“Oh!” I sighed. “I didn’t know! I’m glad you told me!”

“But look!” Miles interjected. “There’s another dragon and AHHHH it’s a scary dragon!” He pointed towards the sky.

“Oh no!” I yelled. “We gotta get out of here!”

“Yeah!” Miles said. “I gotta get to school and hide, and you gotta get to work!”

And even though it might not come as a shock to know that there were in fact NO dragons in the sky, I’ve got to admit, Miles did a pretty good job selling it.

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