Year 3, Day 232

Miles has come to accept that the first order of business every morning after getting out of bed is to hit the potty. What we’ve had to learn to accept, meanwhile, is that it’s less like a bathroom trip and more like an early morning board meeting.

One-by-one, Miles will insist on bringing along all of his friends. Goofy, Mickey, BB-8, a dragon, Bert…whoever was in bed with him last night is expected to attend the bathroom meeting with him. And that’s not all. Miles will then insist on bringing a modest collection of books with him, typically four to six titles and almost always the largest books on his shelf. They’ll all sit beside him on his step stool as he takes a seat on his throne.

Only under these conditions will Miles merrily agree to sit upon his potty. And does he actually pee while holding court each morning? Not nearly often enough for all the hassle, let me tell you.

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