Year 3, Day 211

The other night during our usual nightly Jeopardy!/Wheel of Fortune block of TV viewing, Miles was suddenly drawn to a commercial. Miles typically shows disdain for ads, turning to us and saying, “Uh-oh…commercial!” as though there was something we could do about it (oh, to be a modern child immersed in streaming services). But this ad…it captured his attention.

“Hey…hey that’s Heigh-Ho!” (He saw the Seven Dwarfs.)

“And…and look. That’s up high.” (The Dumbo ride.)

“And that’s Mickey Mouse!”

“Right,” Jaclyn said. “That’s Disney World.”

Now, we’ve spoken of Disney World with Miles in the past, but he’s finally at an age where he is becoming consciously aware of locations and travel. With his interest piqued, I sat down with him to scroll through some photos of my trip to Galaxy’s Edge last year.

Well all of this was a mistake, because now Miles won’t shut up about going to Disney World. The first thing he said when he woke up this morning was, “Hi Mommy! I want to go to Disney World!” He’s also let me know that this weekend we are, in fact, going to Disney World (SPOILERS: We aren’t).

The sad truth of it is that, much like dogs and redheads, Miles THINKS he wants to experience it, but the reality is sure to cause a swell of emotions he’s currently not equipped to deal with. I remember his response to seeing a cosplayer dressed as Spider-Man at GalaxyCon last year. It’s easy to picture his reaction to meeting a gargantuan, swollen Mickey Mouse greeting him for a photo op.

Nevertheless, I assured him that I want to take him to Disney World someday.

“And Mommy too!” Miles added.

I frowned. “Eh, well…”

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