Year 3, Day 196

One of Miles’s current favorite activities is underscored every time he issues an emphatic call to action: “We gotta solve a mystery!”

I’m not sure which of the shows he watches resulted in this specific interest, but as a fan of the genre I’m delighted to know that Miles has developed an interest in the cryptic and unknown. Like all good mysteries are wont to do, these happen without warning, often when Miles and I are engaged in seemingly innocent activities. Suddenly, Miles will say, “We gotta hide! A mystery’s comin’!” And thus begins the latest in a series of whodunnits envisioned and realized by my son.

Some of the mysteries we’ve solved so far:

The Mystery of the Missing Mommy

The Mystery of Where the Yellow Ball Went

The Mystery of the Missing Miles (this one turned out to be pretty easy to solve once Miles uncovered his eyes)

The Mystery of Where the Football Stadium Go (SPOILERS: It was obscured by the trees.)

Nobody told me that the toddler phase of growing up included “sleuthing,” but I’m happy to play John Watson to Miles’s Sherlock. Or Sally Kimball to his Encyclopedia Brown.

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