Year 3, Day 166

For some reason (I have no idea why, and I’ve honestly been too afraid to ask), Miles has been referring to his juice as “Daddy Juice.” “I want Daddy Juice!” he’ll declare. The type of juice is unimportant — just whatever type we currently have in the fridge.

Of course, Miles had been using the term “Juicy Water” to describe his water/juice cocktails, but as he’s moved into more pronounced juice consumption, he’s had to find a new term. Why not just…”juice?” I don’t know. I don’t even like juice that much.

My only theory is that Jaclyn started calling it “Daddy Juice” as a ploy to convince him to drink it (i.e., if it’s “daddy’s” it immediately becomes something Miles will want to claim as his own). However (and I think Miles is pretty well aware of this), the only thing in the house that I would personally classify as “Daddy Juice” is “bourbon,” something I don’t want Miles to even THINK about drinking at the moment.

I also wish we could’ve come up with a less nauseating term than “Daddy Juice.” If DSS ever shows up and Miles mentions “Daddy Juice” as his favorite drink, you best believe I’m getting hauled in for questioning.

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