Year 3, Day 153

One of Miles’s new favorite things to do on our drives to and from daycare is to point out Bank of America Stadium as we drive past.

“Daddy!” he’ll call from the backseat. “Gonna see the football stadium!”

We’ve talked about the sport, the fact that the team that plays there is called the Panthers, and how people can go to the stadium to watch football games.

“My want to go to the stadium!” Miles will say. “My want to see football!”

Of course, that leads to cautious promises that yes, someday we’ll go see a game there, although the state of the world makes it a bit unclear when that might happen.

This morning, Miles elaborated a bit more on his desire to visit the stadium.

“Look daddy, look! My want to go to the football stadium!” he said.

“Yeah!” I said. “I promise we’ll go someday.”

“Yeah,” Miles said. “And my want to fight the Panthers!”

“Uh,” I said. “What? You want to fight the Panthers?”


I frowned at him in the mirror. “Miles…I gotta be honest…I don’t think that’s a good idea. They’re pretty big guys.”

Miles thought on this. “My fight two Panthers,” he finally settled on.

I shrugged. “Well, okay, maybe you could fight two Panthers…”

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