Year 3, Day 123

Miles got a rare treat today, as it was moving day for a couple of our friends and we agreed to help out by taking care of their tiny dog, Taco. As soon as he woke up this morning, Miles said, “Taco coming!”

“There he is!”

As with all dogs, Miles was absolutely giddy for the first few minutes but grew nervous as Taco got more comfortable (i.e., started running around and jumping) with him. It didn’t take long, though, for any fears and insecurities to subside. The two of them were fast friends.

Who but a best friend would tolerate being stared at while eating?

Perhaps the best moment of the morning came when Miles asked to hold Taco’s leash. The two of them walked in the yard a bit when Miles became distracted and Taco saw a bird, which sent the dog running and Miles being yanked into the air. I wish I had video of it.

You’ll have to settle for this.

Miles loved having his furry canine companion around all day. And of course I asked him if he wanted a dog, to which he replied, “Yeah!”

Yeah, maybe when you’re old enough to take care of it yourself, kid!

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