Year 3, Day 108

Now that Miles is getting reacquainted with daily car rides, he has discovered a new nemesis or, at least, now possesses the capacity to verbally articulate his disdain.

It will happen as we make a turn in the morning or afternoon and suddenly a part of the car interior that was once shrouded in soothing shadow will be blanketed with blazing light. Then, the cry from the backseat:

“Ahhhh! The sun!!!”

Like most of us, Miles does not enjoy finding his eyes in the direct path of the sun’s vibrant rays. So intense is his reaction that the howling will not cease until we’ve made another turn and the sun once again retreats from Miles’s view. “You know, Miles, you don’t have to stare directly at it,” I’ll tell him. But reasoning only works so well with a two-year-old. I’ve also tried to explain to him that, sure, you want the sun to go away now, but we actually need it to live and it will exist long after humanity has perished. Strangely enough, Miles takes no solace from that revelation either.

Instead, the minute the car finds itself back at an undesirable angle, Miles cries out, “The sun! The sun is back!!” And so it goes.

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