Year 3, Day 107

First thing this morning, Miles had a doctor’s appointment to remove the stitches he received after his fall over the weekend. He was thrilled to hear about this when he woke up.

“I no wanna go see a doctor!” he complained.

While Jaclyn was with him in the hospital on Friday night, it fell upon me to shuttle Miles to his pediatrician today and sit with him as a masked man held a pair of scissors close to his face and snip at things beyond Miles’s line of sight. Naturally, I had every reason to believe things would go smoothly and quietly.

Definitely not nervous at all.

Well, it took three of us to remove the stitches: a nurse and I held him down while the doctor snipped each stitch loose. All the while, Miles howled, cries that persisted long after the process had ended.

The nurse offered him stickers. “I NO WANT STICKERS!”

I tried to assure him we were finished and told him we needed to get his shoes back on so we could leave. “I NO WANNA PUT MY SHOES BACK ON!”

The nurse returned with a handful of toys, which she placed in a row on a chair. “I NO WANT TOY–”

His protestations and tears immediately stopped and approached the array of merchandise. “That’s a giraffe,” he said, pointing at the toy in the middle.

Yeah, he rebounded quickly.


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