Year 3, Day 66

Full disclosure: managing two (relatively) full work weeks while taking care of Miles has been extraordinarily challenging. Jaclyn and I have done a fair job of tag teaming and offering relief when needed, but I will absolutely admit that, due to the number of meetings students I have in a given day, I am usually the one who needs to be behind a closed door, uninterrupted. What really becomes difficult is when this happens to us both (or, to be fair, when we just need silence to complete non-client facing work).

We are fortunate, then, that we’ve had a babysitter on standby during this tumultuous period, one we can call on with just about a moment’s notice. Not only is she able to provide us with some relief, but she’s also able to give Miles far more attention than we can, something that’s vital at a time when Disney+ would likely otherwise be doing the heavy lifting.

She also happens to be one of Miles’s teachers from daycare, which carries with it even more benefits. These days are much more familiarly structured for Miles, from eating, to playing, to outside time. But perhaps most important of all, and I have no idea how she acquired this power, she’s able to get Miles down for a nap — in his bed — by 12:30 each day she’s here. For comparison’s sake, if we’re lucky, we’re able to coax Miles to sleep by 3:30 or 4. Some days he won’t nap for us at all.

Yes, parenting is generally fraught with hardships, but man…working from home under these conditions has been incredibly hard. I am beyond thankful that we have a pinch hitter not just for our benefit, but also to help preserve some sense of normalcy for Miles in this bizarre year.

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