Year 3, Day 62

While I was cleaning up from dinner tonight, I glanced out the window and spotted a cat in the backyard. Knowing Miles would be interested, I called to him. “Miles! There’s a cat outside! Want to see?”

He got up from his seat at his table and hurried over. I scooped him up, but by the time we were both looking out the window the cat was out of view, having slinked behind the shed.

“He’s behind the shed. What do you think he’s looking for back there?”

“Foom,” Miles said.

“Food? Probably! What sort of food do you think a cat eats?”

Miles thought on this a moment. “Stahmeeyahm.”

“Strawberries?” I asked. “A cat eats strawberries??”

Miles nodded. “Yeah, cat stahmeeyahm.”

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