Year 3, Day 60

Despite some initial apprehensions, Miles has become fascinated with lightsabers. He’ll find random objects around the house (some “saber-like” and some…really not) and start swinging them around while making “KSSSH” noises. It’s really pretty heartwarming.

Even more heartwarming was an exchange between Miles and his mother that I was thankfully around to hear today.

“Miles has a blue lightsaber!” Miles said.

“Oh really?” Jaclyn replied. “What color is daddy’s?” she asked, referring to the one I brought back from Disney World last year.

“Green!” Miles replied.

“That’s right!” Jaclyn said.

And then, “Mommy has a red lightsaber.”

I immediately started clapping from the next room. “Yes!” I yelled uncontrollably. “That is exactly right!”

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