Year 3, Day 32

Overall, potty training has been going ALARMINGLY well for Miles. He’s now at the point that he almost never uses his pull-up during the day and can even typically make it through naptime without any accidents. And then there’s today.

This evening, I asked Miles if he needed to “go pee-pee.” Miles said, “No,” and went about his business. And by “business,” I mean he peed all over the floor five minutes later. I scrambled over to him, scooped him up, and deposited him on his potty, reminding him of proper procedure as I cleaned the mess. Accidents happen. Crisis contained.

Miles didn’t have anything else to contribute to the potty on that trip, which is weird when you realize that he PEED ON THE FLOOR AGAIN TEN MINUTES LATER. Once again, scooped up, set on potty, lightly scolded this time, and clean-up. And once again, an empty potty left behind.

Not being one to tempt fate, I replaced Miles’s “big boy” underwear with a pull-up after the second incident. I was only going to clean piss off the floor so many times today.

Well, the number of times turned out to be “three,” because Miles managed to find a way around my foolproof plan. “Daddy, pee-pee!” he called out MAYBE thirty minutes after the second accident. I rushed him over to his potty, yanked down his pull-up, and found that he was ALREADY PEEING. I yanked his pull-up back up as quickly as I could, but the damage was done.

Maybe he drank too much “water juice”* today, but I hope that, on the road to potty independence, today was an outlier.

* This is currently Miles’s favorite beverage.

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