Year 3, Day 31

With both Jaclyn and me working from home and Miles here with us all day, life has been…hectic to say the least. We’ve both done our best to find the time to give Miles the attention and support he needs amidst workdays that have somehow become more cluttered and crazy.

One of our goals the last couple days has been to make sure Miles gets outside for walks or general frolicking in the yard. Jaclyn has largely taken care of the former, while I try to take him out back at some point each morning and afternoon.

With the attempted onset of springtime, flowers have started blooming. And Miles…well he LOVES flowers. Every time he’s outdoors, Miles insists on picking as many flowers as he can.

During our time in the backyard this week, Miles has taken this interest to charitable ends. First he asks me to pick flowers from one of the trees in our yard and hand them to him, then he shuttles the flowers across the yard to a bush with no foliage at all* and tries to put the flowers over the barren branches. Repeat process until it’s time to go inside.


Where does this kid (or any kid) get these ideas? Who knows, but you’ve got to love how easy he imagines it is to provide for the have-nots.

* Because it’s dead.

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