Year 3, Day 17

When we got home from daycare tonight, I emptied my arms of bags, mail, and the like and paused to take my shoes off. Miles immediately snatched up a bank deposit slip that I had set down.

“Bah-bye!” he declared before darting down the hallway and disappearing into my bedroom.

“Miles!” I called after him. “Come back here, you!”

Just as I finished removing my shoes, Miles came walking back into the hallway, his hands pressed together. The deposit slip was curiously absent.

“Miles,” I said, “where did you put that deposit slip.”

He spun around and led me back into the bedroom. He walked all the way around to the other side of the bed, wedged himself into the corner, and pointed towards the ground behind the headboard.

“Ight dere!” he said merrily.



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