Year 2, Day 353

I picked up Miles a little early today so we could hurry home to freshen up before attending his daycare’s annual Family Sweetheart Dance. I figure, why wait until middle school to toss my son into socially awkward waters?

This is what happens when I ask Miles to smile for the camera.

And in true Martin fashion, I can confirm that Miles has inherited the wallflower gene from his father. He was very cautious early on, holding my hand and choosing to observe the other kids dancing and playing from a comfortable distance. However, UNLIKE his father, once he got comfortable (and “Shake it Off” queued up), he was dancing nonstop. Miles also found a dancing partner in the form of…a balloon.

Hey, love whoever you want, kid.

Jaclyn joined us after a bit, giving us a chance to take a family photo together. Miles, meanwhile, was far more interested in the sucker he obtained after dinner.


It was Miles’s idea to hold hands.

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