Year 2, Day 348

In an effort to get Miles (and, in all fairness, me) out of Jaclyn’s hair for a little while today, I took the young lad to the Charlotte Minicon this morning. Upon rolling in, Miles was delighted to see countless images of favorites like Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man all around the show floor. He was also, perhaps unsurprisingly, able to spot a one-inch sticker of Mickey Mouse from about 20 feet away.


He did have some surprise favorite things about the show, such as tablecloths and stanchions (he really loved climbing on that second one), but the most important takeaway for me was that his current tolerance level for standing in line is 20 minutes. I learned this after we spent 25 minutes in line to meet notable drafter of pretty ladies, Adam Hughes. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until just as we were parting ways with Mr. Hughes that his dog made an appearance (obviously capturing Miles’s attention).

The excursion ended up being a little shorter than expected, as we only stayed for a little over an hour. Still, even in that brief time, we managed to get in some (mostly) solid daddy/son time.

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