Year 2, Day 347

Since he started potty training, the mantra we’ve tried to ingrain in Miles’s head is “Mommy! Daddy! Pee-pee! Poo-poo!” We’ve instructed Miles to utter this rallying cry any time he “feels the pee/poop coming.”

The length of turnaround time varies wildly from one incident to the next. Sometimes he’ll say the words and manage to hold it for several minutes. Other times, we might have ten seconds to get him situated on the potty before he cuts loose. Most often, it’s only after he starts going that he lets us know.

This evening, Miles came waddling into the kitchen and, seeing Jaclyn, said, “Mommy! Pee-pee! Poo-poo!” Jaclyn was preparing dinner at the time, but knowing her time was likely limited she dropped what she was working on to rush him to the potty. What she soon found, however, was that Miles did not have to go to the bathroom…because he had already gone.

Inside the potty was a puddle of pee and (and I say this with seething envy) a larger turd than anything I’ve produced this entire week. Magnificent.

He wasn’t trying to tell us that he needed to go, he was trying to tell us he needed a clean-up. Yes, Miles recognized the unmistakeable urge to go to the potty, then did so entirely on his own. What a milestone!

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