Year 2, Day 340

Yesterday was mommy’s birthday, but Miles’s own is impending now as we cross into February. As Miles prepares to turn two, there are certain expectations and milestones that we’re expecting to reach.

Chief among these achievements? Teaching Miles to properly blow out a candle. After all, we don’t want him making a fool out of himself this time.


To this end, Jaclyn has already started practicing with Miles. Using a toy candle from a Duplo Mickey Mouse set, Jaclyn encourages Miles to “blow out the candle” at random times throughout the day (generally while he’s on the potty, which could result in a…weird subconscious association). As an added precaution, she also sings “Happy Birthday” beforehand, prompting Miles to blow only at the song’s conclusion.

At this rate, Miles will be prepared to blow out his actual candles and avoid a glaring childhood faux pas at the end of February.

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