Year 2, Day 339

Today is Jaclyn’s birthday, a fact Miles was made aware of as we were leaving the house this morning.

“Can you tell mommy, ‘Happy birthday’?” I asked.

He then proceeded to sing the entire “Happy Birthday” song to her. Not a bad way for mommy to start her birthday!

The only thing Jaclyn wanted for her birthday was a nice dinner out with “her two favorite guys.” After efforts to determine the identities of these two men proved fruitless, I figured she’d have to settle for me and Miles. We all met for dinner at Capishe, then topped it off with ice cream at Two Scoops Creamery.

Given the option between pizza and pasta, Miles chose pasta. When asked whether he wanted “butter” or “tomato” sauce, his reply was, “Apple sauce.”
Miles was more than happy to try swatting mommy in the face with the order number.
As usual, Miles didn’t give me a choice of seating preference.

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