Year 2, Day 297

Miles’s first week in his real bed has gone very smoothly overall. Last night, though, he did wake up crying in the middle of the night.

“Can you go check on him?” Jaclyn asked.

“No,” I answered as honestly as I could in the middle of the night, going back to sleep as Jaclyn got out of bed to take care of whatever was plaguing our son.

Later in the day, I asked about what had caused the dramatic outburst. Evidently, Miles had gone to bed with a sticker on his pajamas (putting stickers on his clothes is a new favorite activity). He woke in the middle of the night to find that the sticker had fallen off and would not re-adhere to his fuzzy PJs.

Jaclyn helped him fix the problem, and then he began complaining about his night light being on. To his credit, Miles attempted to solve the problem on his own, clambering out of bed and walking over to the night light himself. He tapped it twice and it went out.

And then he lost it.

He stood screaming in the darkness for a moment before Jaclyn turned the light back on, at which point Miles, having worked up an appetite, decided it was time for a late night snack. Jaclyn recounted the whole experience to me, sitting groggily with Miles as he chowed down. He soon went back to sleep, night light on, happy as a clam.

The needs of a baby are wildly unpredictable, but I’m eternally grateful to have a wife willing to entertain and address these shifting sands at all hours of the night.

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