Year 2, Day 283

Tonight was bath night, and Jaclyn thought she might jazz things up a little this evening. Miles had his first bubble bath the other night, and tonight Jaclyn added even more to the mix with a soap that dyed the water…red.

“Red?” I asked, still finishing my dinner at the table.

“Red,” Jaclyn repeated.

I frowned. “You know, I’m thinking ‘red’ may not be the ideal color for bathwater.”

I was initially willing to chalk this up to simply having seen Psycho a few times too many, but my apprehensions were proven accurate when Jaclyn tried to put Miles in the bathtub. He took one look at the blood-hued water beneath him and shrieked, “No!!!” as he was lowered in. He stood there, refusing to sit down and flopping his hands over repeatedly to let us know that he was most definitely “all done.” Jaclyn drained the water and tried again, this time with a much more eager and compliant child.

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