Year 2, Day 281

Miles is picking up so many new words now that it can be hard to keep up with them all. There are days where his vocabulary seems to expand by almost 20 words. One word has been particularly notable over the last few days, not just because of Miles’s use of it but also due to his movement and intention when saying it, is a basic command.


Miles plops down on the floor, then looks up at you. “Sit,” he says, pointing at the space next to him.

Miles is at his table, Jaclyn bringing a plate of food over to him. “Sit,” he says to her, pointing at the other chair.

Miles is sitting on the couch watching Sesame Street when I enter the far side of the living room. Miles looks over at me, establishes eye contact, then says, “Sit,” pointing at the couch beside him.

Now, there are times when Miles wakes up in the middle of the night crying that we just let him go. Sometimes he asks for more of something (food, bath time, reading) and we have to deny his request. But this simple command — “Sit” — is something I’ve found myself powerless to resist. Both cute and forceful, Miles’s basic directive is usually met with full compliance.

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