Year 2, Day 262

On a recent trip back to Myrtle Beach, Miles acquired three different puzzles that formerly belonged to my cousin’s son. One puzzle depicts a fire truck, another the letters of the alphabet, and the third a variety of animals. Miles absolutely loves these puzzles, can identify many of the pieces, and is even getting pretty good at fitting the pieces in place.

The problem, however, is that he REFUSES to simply play with ONE puzzle at a time. When he wants a puzzle, he wants ALL THREE.


Of course, this means that within moments the floor is covered in puzzle pieces, many of which are soon abandoned in favor of other pursuits. We’ve tried moving the puzzles out of Miles’s general line of sight — first to an inaccessible shelf on an end table, then to the inside of a cabinet — but it never takes long for Miles to learn where his beloved puzzles are being held and demand their release. The above picture was taken approximately 30 seconds after arriving home tonight.

It’s hard to be too upset; after all, Miles is learning about things and developing dexterity. Still, I can’t help but with there was some sort of self-assembling puzzle out there for clean up purposes.

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