Year 2, Day 259

I was off today for Veterans’ Day. Miles, however, went to daycare as usual. Throw in a vacation day for Jaclyn, and you get that oh-so-rare occurrence — A DAY WITHOUT MILES.

Yes, for one tight window of roughly eight hours, Jaclyn and I were able to live our lives as we did in days gone, free of the burdens of parenthood. We grabbed breakfast at Earl’s Grocery. I, perhaps foolishly, accompanied Jaclyn to one of her workouts. And despite feeling like I might die in the midst of said workout, I pulled myself together and we went to a movie in the afternoon (Doctor Sleep) before it was finally time to pick up Miles.

The big takeaway today: we need to do this more often. But, even though it was nice to have a day to ourselves, we were both still more than ready to see Miles again by the end of it.

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