Year 2, Day 253

I don’t think this necessarily applies exclusively to small children — there’s often not a lot of rhyme or reason in the things we individually find delight in. Often, the why or how isn’t as important as the fact that, for whatever reason, we’re experiencing joy. Still, watching a child grow and develop, one can’t help but ask these very questions from time to time.

Case in point, one of Miles’s favorite “games” to play. Both just before taking a bath and immediately following that bath, Jaclyn or I (whoever is giving him the bath) will carry him to and from the bathroom. And as we exit into the hallway, we’ll call out, “Naked baby!!!”

At this, Miles draws a deep, giddy breath and starts kicking excitedly as he waits for the other parent to round the corner and reply, “Naked baby?!?!” That parent then dashes over and tickles him as he is carried to the next room.

That’s really it. That’s the whole game. I have no idea why, but holy CRAP does Miles LOVE it. Now, as a child largely oblivious to the greater machinations around him (despite my frequent listening to political podcasts), Miles is generally a happy kid. But “Naked Baby” brings this joy to a downright infectious level.

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