Year 2, Day 244

In the interest of maximizing Miles’s Halloween (and the usage of his costume), Jaclyn booked a spot for him at an event held by Gymboree this evening. While we had initially planned on taking him to a trunk or treat on Saturday, this proved to be a much better alternative for him, primarily because it gave him a chance to run around, play with balls, and climb on EVERYTHING.

With the added pressure of being Superman.


Even with all the stimulation, Miles still did a great job considering the other kids around him, and cleaning up when the situation called for it (I think he inherited that last one from me).


In addition to painting a pumpkin and eating some pizza, Miles also got to partake of his first cake pop.


While I was surprised at how exhausted I was after the event was over, there was no denying that it was well worth the trip to Ballantyne. I have a feeling Miles is already looking forward to their Christmas event!

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