Year 2, Day 189

Today really could’ve gone horribly. We took a red eye flight back to Charlotte directly from last night’s wedding, and I knew the experience would test the limits of just how amenable Miles is to air travel. He might be up screaming and crying throughout the flight, unable to get comfortable and fall (and stay) asleep. On the other hand, if Miles did manage to sleep quietly for the duration of the flight, we ran the risk of coming back home and having a child who was wide awake and unwilling to let us get any sleep.

I was…anxious about the potential for disaster.

Fortunately though, a third possibility is what ultimately presented itself. Miles slept hard for a majority of the flight, only waking up a handful of times and crying for maybe 2-3 minutes. And while he was jazzed to arrive back home again, he did go back to sleep for about four hours, giving Jaclyn and I a much-needed chance to rest. Not the best family nap ever, but definitely the most necessary.

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