Year 2, Day 41: Baby’s First WrestleMania!

We are blessed to have a friend in our lives, Mike, whose birthday annually coincides with the hallowed tradition that is WrestleMania and hosts a viewing party for friends from far and wide to join him in basking for several hours in the glory that is hulking, costumed men and women colliding with each other and everything else in their environment with, frankly, dangerous force in the name of entertainment. I really talked up Dipsgiving last year, but as annual events go, Mike’s WrestleMania parties are right up there.

Miles was less interested in the matches themselves, and more interested in hearing the audience applaud.

I was excited for the chance to introduce Miles to WrestleMania at such a young and impressionable age. As I said to another parent in attendance, whose children were a little older than Miles, “At least when your kids start roughhousing with other children almost immediately, and you’ll know exactly where it came from. My kid is just soaking everything in right now, and it’ll take years and extensive therapy for us to figure out that this, tonight, was the root of it all.”

And how did Miles respond to the experience? Well, his attention was fleeting at best. The proceedings occasionally captivated him, but he found himself far more interested in the other children and toys in the house.

Even when they were actually trying to watch the event.

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