Day 266: The First Dipsgiving

Last night, we hosted a “friendsgiving” event called Dipsgiving, the goal of which is to strip away some of the formality (and silverware) of traditional Thanksgiving dishes by turning them all into dips. I wasn’t sure exactly how the event would turn out, but I’m fortunate to have a ton of friends who really threw themselves at the opportunity with aplomb!


In a “happy accident” sort of way, since all of the foods involved dips, Miles could also partake of some of the food options. His personal favorite (and subsequent winner of the informal “Miles’s Choice” award at the Golden Stovetops…which, yes, was a real thing) was the Carrot Dip.

Having such a huge assemblage of friends present also meant a substantial number of kids were running around. By the end of the night, Miles’s Pack ‘n’ Play looked like this:

He had a real “trial by fire” lesson in sharing last night.

Miles also got to see some friends, including Hope, his already-arranged future bride. They had a cute exchange that ended as most interactions between man and woman do — with a man in tears.

Despite the cacophony, his lingering cold, and the presence of his babysitter (to my surprise, Miles did not seem to think Jaclyn and I were leaving), Miles did really great the whole time. He definitely liked the food!

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