Day 365

There are two things Miles absolutely loves about bedtime. One of them is reading books. Every night after his diaper change, Miles starts aggressively making the sign for “book” with his hands (or an approximation of it, at least) and pointing at the shelves over his head, requesting bedtime classics like Is Your Mama a Llama? and Night Night, Groot.

The other thing he’s discovered a love for in the last couple months is brushing his teeth. I have never seen another human get as excited about the sight of a toothbrush as Miles does. As soon as we bring his toothbrush into the room, Miles starts running his index finger back and forth across his mouth. Once the brush is close enough, he’ll try to snatch it away and “do it himself” (he hasn’t quite mastered the brush-stroke yet, but he is good about making sure to insert the bristle end). His eagerness to brush on his own is impressive enough, but perhaps the thing that fills me with the most warmth is the fact that he’s able to do it without making a huge mess.

I have no more to teach him.

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