Day 339

Jaclyn had some pressing work this morning, leaving it to me to make sure Miles got to his PT appointment today. I told his therapist about the substantial strides we’ve seen in the past week since he started, which she got to observe herself during the session. She was also impressed by his lack of crying (evidently the first session included much more vocal opposition), although he did start to fuss near the end, clearly done with all of this.

My one big takeaway from the hour, though, is that Miles’s problem-solving skills, while developing nicely, still seem largely focused on finding the absolute laziest way to achieve anything. When reaching for toys on a step, Miles quickly gave up and started scanning the area for something else to play with. Instead of reaching for the top of a taller toy, he grabs the bottom and tries to pull it to the floor. Instead of lifting his belly off the step to reach something on the well, he rolls onto his side and reaches, ultimately giving up when he realizes it will take a bit more work to claim his bounty.

Our hope is that PT will help jump-start Miles’s physical exertion. Fingers crossed that it also manages to solve his laziness!

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