Day 311

With Jaclyn’s vacation time officially resetting now that it’s 2019, she took a much-needed day off today. It was meant to be a time for her to refresh, get rested, and focus on herself — something the burdens of being a mother have not allowed her to really do in months (to both her misfortune and mine). Today was, at long last, an actual mental health day.

So of course we got a text from daycare this morning notifying us that the facility was without power and would be closed until it was restored. I honestly wasn’t sure Jaclyn’s mental state could handle the blow. As she dropped me off at work this morning, Miles still in tow, I felt legitimately sorry for her. As much as she loves Miles, I know how much a break — even for a day — would mean to her. Thankfully, power was restored by 10 AM and she was able to drop Miles off with plenty of time left in the day.

I think back to a wooden sign that hung on the kitchen wall in my family’s house when I was growing up. It read, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” Now that I’m looking at parenthood from the opposite end, I can safely say that those words have become so much more of a threat than they ever were when I was a kid.

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