Day 296: Miles’s Top Five Christmas Jams

With a child now in the picture, this season has seen us immersing ourselves in Christmas music more than ever before. And yet, despite my best attempts to get Miles to fall in love with “The Twelve Pains of Christmas” or that Bob and Doug McKenzie number, the lad has already started developing his own tastes in holiday standards. These are the ones which, through intense observation and research, we have determined to be his favorites.

5) “Little Saint Nick” – The Beach Boys

Brian Wilson and Co. made an appearance on Miles’s Top Summer Jams, and I have to believe my son was elated to find that the music of the boys Beach need not be relegated to the warmer months.

4) “What Christmas Means to Me” – John Legend

Legend…my mortal enemy. I have never forgiven his transgressions against me. Sure, he’s got a voice like gently wilting butter, a winning personalty, an amazing wife and family… HEY, speaking of that family, this guy came along just weeks after my son was born and had a son of his own. And what did he and Teigen name that kid? MILES. We are forever locked in psychological warfare, Legend and I.

Anyway, Miles (mine, not his) really loves this song.

3) “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” – First Aid Kit

Jaclyn: “Another one Miles really likes is ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.’ The First Aid Kit one.”

Me: “Now, is that one Miles really likes or one you really like?”

2) “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” – Gene Autry

Not one to be bothered with any later, inferior versions rife with unnecessary flourishes and auditory accoutrements, Miles prefers Autry’s 1949 recording of this classic mutant reindeer ballad.

1) “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” – The Jackson 5

Holy Mother Mary, does Miles love this one. When he hears the opening notes, he perks up and gives Alexa the side-eye. And when the vocals drop, he just starts dancing.

I’m actually relieved that the song Miles wants to hear over and over again is one of the holiday’s better offerings. It could definitely be worse!

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