Day 275

Miles is a good enough traveler; he just gets a little testy after being in the car for a couple hours (but then, find someone who doesn’t). That being said, it was clear by the end of our return trip from Myrtle Beach on Sunday that he had about had it with excessive traveling.

And all I could say about that was, “Boy, if he’s mad now, just wait until he sees what we’re going to put him through this week.”

Today, we left Charlotte to head north to the (currently barren, frozen waste)land of Rochester, NY for a wedding (and, as it turns out, a funeral). While we’re stopping halfway(ish) both going to and coming back, the shortest leg of our drives is still likely to clock in at around four hours. That’s going to be a lot of time in the car for all of us! Hopefully, this will be more of a family bonding experience than a “we’re all ready to kill each other” experience!

Miles gradually realizes that this might not be very much fun.

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