Day 261

Yesterday’s weather (and a day off for me) meant that I was not only taking Miles to and from daycare but was also shuttling Jaclyn around. While this happens pretty regularly, driving from home to pick Jaclyn up at the end of the workday provided a rare instance of getting her before retrieving Miles from daycare.

One of my favorite parts of any weekday is walking into daycare and seeing Miles’s smile when he lays eyes on me. It is absolutely one of the most validating experiences I’ve had as a parent. Naturally, Jaclyn likes to have that experience whenever possible, so she was eager to go in to get Miles while I stayed in the car.

It wasn’t until today at drop off when I got a report about what transpired while I was in the car. When I walked into the infant room, one of the staff members said, “Did mom tell you about what he did when she picked him up yesterday?”

“No,” I said, while thinking, OH DO TELL…

Evidently, when Jaclyn entered the room, Miles appeared confused and a little under-enthused, his face clearly saying, Wait…where’s Da-da?

I’m not surprised Jaclyn didn’t share that juicy tidbit with me, but it is nice to feel that sense of parental validation even when I don’t go in to pick Miles up!

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