Day 226

Changing Miles’s diaper has turned into quite a production. Jaclyn’s complained to me about this the past several mornings, but today I got a whiff (bad word choice…how about “glimpse”?) of just how challenging it’s gotten.

The second Miles hits the changing pad, he tries to roll over. After he flips himself over, he starts spinning around in a circle, his belly at the center. It can make even undoing one snap button on his onesie an arduous undertaking, let along taking a diaper off, cleaning him, then getting another one on.


Try to stop him or hold him down, and he becomes furious (BABY furious, which is admittedly still kind of adorbs). I’ve found that distracting him in some way — a stuffed animal, a video — can help encourage him to stay in one spot. Still, this largely means that truly efficient diaper changing has become a two-person job.

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