Day 212

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about the worst night we’ve experienced as parents so far. After last night, though, I can unequivocally say that we have a new reigning champ.

I was finishing my nightly routine of washing my face and lazily brushing my teeth right around 11:00 when Miles started crying. SOP is to give him a minute or two — sometimes he whimpers briefly as he’s shuffling to a new, more comfortable position, then quiets down and returns to his sleep. The two minutes came and went, however, and we were soon compelled to lift Miles from his bed.

What followed was over four hours of tears, feeding, cradling, and cries of despair from baby and adult alike (one exchange between Jaclyn and I — Jaclyn: “Child! You can’t just suck on my boob all night!!” Me — “OH MY GOD WHY JUST LET HIM”). We’d take turns holding and feeding him while trying to lull him back to sleep in any way we could think of (my method involved, as usual, getting super hype with games in the hopes he’d just pass out from exhaustion). While the night tested the semi-conscious tolerance that Jaclyn and I have for one another to its limits, we soldiered through until 3:30 when Miles, at last, closed his eyes for the duration of the…night? That’s barely the word for it at that point, honestly.

Even now, it’s hard determine just what was vexing Miles. Teeth? It’s certainly been a concern lately, but Miles tended to quiet down a bit once he was in my arms and we were walking around the apartment. An overabundance of energy? Well, it isn’t like he slept a lot at daycare yesterday, and he yawned repeatedly throughout the whole ordeal. Hunger? Well, he did eat a lot…

Maybe he just missed mommy and daddy and wanted a little extra time with them? Hey, humans rationalize things in whatever way helps them cope (I stopped myself from saying “…sleep at night” there). With that in mind I’m going to go with this option. Yes, Miles just missed us so much he couldn’t wait until morning to see us again.

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