Day 197: The Teething Diaries IV

Well, it finally happened, folks. We’ve had our first undeniably rough night as parents.

This didn’t come as a surprise though. Sunday was, by a considerable margin, the hardest day we’ve experienced so far. Miles oscillated between fussing and wailing all day, with very few moments of calmness or cheer. It seemed that even the occasional smile or laugh was sandwiched between sobs.

In a desperate attempt to cure her cabin fever and distract Miles from his persistent discomfort, Jaclyn attempted to take a walk with the baby. While this offered me a brief respite from the tears, Jaclyn wasn’t so fortunate, as Miles cried the whole time. Sitting on the couch watching football gave Miles fleeting pause, but his gums ultimately proved even too much for the game and again became his sole focus.

Any hopes we had that Miles might have simply exhausted himself by the end of the day were quickly dashed after we put him down (or attempted to). Even when he did finally fall asleep, he was up again soon after, his moaning lasting well into the night. For mom and dad, this meant that sleep gradually became a distant memory.

And of course I staggered half-conscious from the shower this morning to find Miles in Jaclyn’s arms on the bed, breaking into a wide smile the second he saw me, reminding me instantly that our drowsiness is all in service to this amazing little person who relies on us.

Doesn’t exactly make it any easier to wake up, though.

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