Day 194: The Teething Diaries III

Miles has enjoyed gnawing on everything he can get his hands on, from toys to…well…his actual hands, for a few months now. It’s safe to say now that this fairly innocent precursor has now given way to legitimate and persistent teething.

When I pick Miles up from daycare, I don’t expect too much of a report (much to Jaclyn’s chagrin, as she practically expects an oral essay every day when I walk through the door). “Miles took a nap today.” “Miles finished all his bottles today.” “Oh, Miles? He’s never any trouble at all.” These are pretty indicative of the standard responses I get from his caregivers.

Today’s report, however, was a bit more ominous. “Miles is putting everything in his mouth. And drooling. A lot. So…we’re going to need more bibs.” They said that he is definitely teething now, all but confirming my greatest fears as a father…our nights of relatively peaceful sleeping may soon be over.

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