Day 134

I decided, pretty much on a whim, to pay a visit to Miles’s daycare during my lunch break today. I didn’t necessarily have time to, but I figured what the hell?

I arrived to find Miles relaxing in a chair, lost deep in thought or, perhaps, studying the room and children around him, looking for potential weaknesses he might one day exploit. Suffice to say, he was as mellow as ever.

“You come home every day acting like you’re exhausted, and here I find you lounging in a chair?” I said to him incredulously. “Some rough day at the office you’re having!”

Miles grinned and I held him in my lap for a few minutes, staying just long enough to get a little giggle out of him before heading back to work. Was it worth spending 25 minutes in the car for 5 minutes with the baby? Absolutely.

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