Day 122

With Miles’s advancement in size, we’ve had to bid farewell to his bassinet in favor of a larger space in which to sleep. Something more…cage-like (hey, he’ll be crawling any day now!).

We’ve given the Pack ‘n’ Play a couple tries already, and Miles has slept in it with no problem. He’s also clearly already a fan of the extra space.

Eh, he’ll grow into it.

Mom and dad, though? Well, let’s just say I already miss the bassinet. And by “I,” I mean, “my back.” Jaclyn’s apparently already strained her back trying to get him out of his new accommodations. Either that or she feigned back stress just so I’d take care of it this morning. Let me tell you, being barely conscious while bending over to lift Miles out of bed is a harrowing experience. In fact, I distinctly heard a voice in my head saying, “Welp, if we’re ever going to drop him, it’s going to be now.”

Fortunately for all involved, nothing of the sort has happened. So far.

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