Day 121

Miles, somehow, is four months old (!) today, and in honor of this occasion, we sent him back to the pediatrician for more shots.

But let’s not dwell on that — how about some more important stats? Miles is now 13 pounds and has grown two inches since his last appointment! Despite his chunky appearance, Miles is a little light for his age, which I can only assume means he’s inherited my metabolism. Still, it’s hard to believe he’s grown so much is such a short amount of time.

Also, Operation: Swole Neck has been a rousing success. Miles’s doctor reports that his neck strength is magnificent and that he should begin flipping over more and more in the coming weeks (I’ve seen him do this once so far). Perhaps even more exciting, we can start introducing FOOD. Sure, it’s only rice cereal and “baby oatmeal” (whatever the hell that is) for now, but my dream of introducing Miles to cheeseburgers is one step closer to reality now.

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