Day 98

A few days ago, I mentioned that it’s been some time since Miles has had to partake of formula. Keeping him exclusively on breast milk wasn’t something we deliberately set out to do; it had just sort of gradually worked itself out that way. So we still have formula mix, even if it’s generally unused. “Generally” because last night, we did have to crack that bad boy back open. Jaclyn went out to dinner for her sister’s birthday, and her pre-party pumping left us with relatively little milk to feed a boy who, as discussed previously, is a remorseless eating machine.

Sure enough, Miles powered through three ounces of breast milk without coming up for air. So I switched bottles, bringing the formula to his mouth. He gave it two hearty sucks before grimacing and starting to cry.

Now, I have (Accidentally! It dripped on my hand!) tried Miles’s formula, and it is pretty gross. Jaclyn, meanwhile, has reported good things about breast milk. With all of this in mind, I assumed Miles’s protestations had more to do with his developing palate than anything else. So we worked our way through the bottle: I’d put it to his lips, he’d drink for a moment, he’d start to cry, I’d take it away…and repeat. Eventually he finished the whole thing. The deed was done.

Flash forward a few hours. Jaclyn has just gotten home and is wondering where she left her debit card (SPOILERS — it was in her purse…) when Miles starts throwing up. Not the normal “spit-up” that’s generally preceded by a hiccup or a burp — no, this was actual vomit. To his credit, he seemed pretty nonplussed about all of it, giving me the stink-eye as we quickly stripped him down and brought him to the sink for a bath (his gaze seemed to say, “…AGAIN with this bath crap?”). Of course, as soon as his emergency bath was over, he threw up again. As we doted over him, making sure he was breathing okay as he worked all remnants of the undesirable cocktail out of his digestive system, one thing was clear: Miles may not be able to talk, but he has definitely let us know he’s done with formula.

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