Day 91

During Miles’s first few weeks of existence, we had no choice but to supplement his breast milk with formula. This was largely his fault, as he was consuming so much that Jaclyn couldn’t keep up with his voluminous appetite. To be fair to her, a small village would’ve had a hard time keeping up.

As the weeks have gone on, Jaclyn has increased production substantially, to the point that Miles’s ample demand has now been met. In fact, I noticed this morning that Miles hasn’t had any formula in almost a month.

Not that formula is a bad thing at all; Jaclyn just often prides herself on being able to provide Miles with all the sustenance he needs. And now she’s able to, although it’s proven to be a bit of a double-edged sword. Producing so much milk has, as Jaclyn puts it, made her “a slave to the pump.” Her ability to work out, watch 10 minutes of television uninterrupted, get to bed early and then sleep long enough to feel rested — all are impacted by the ever-present need to pump.

But then, when you’ve got a kid who begins his day with eight and a half ounces of milk, at least you know that servitude is going to good use.

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