Day 85

We’ve gotten into a nice routine with the baby over the last three months. And today is the day we kick that routine to the curb.

Yes, Jaclyn started back to work today. Which also meant that today was the day our nanny started. Which also meant that I had to get up considerably earlier today to help with the baby. That last one is the hardest transition of all.

Seriously though, Jaclyn had a lot of mixed feelings about returning to work but two things ultimately worked in her favor: 1) she’s only in the office for half days right now, then working from home for the second half and 2) she was so outrageously busy that she barely had time to lament the fact that she was away from Miles.

I like to think we calibrated to our new lives quickly after Miles was born, and I think we’ll do it again now. And I’m sure we’ll get our groove down just in time for it all to be thrown asunder again next month when Miles starts daycare!

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